Style #8 Back to preschool. Oh Boy Style


Hi Hat | School supply Baseball shirt | Backpack | Orange sweatpants | Blue velcro Nike shoes

Our little big boy goes back to preschool next week. I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to preschool clothes for our little boy. Since he goes to Montessori school, he goes to the restroom on his own. Pants have to include elastic waistbands. He also puts on his own shoes. Shoes must be velcro and easy for him. And he is choosing his own clothes all the time now. This is such a blessing (love that he has opinions) and a curse (I miss dressing him and he dislikes most of his wardrobe). He always wants a comfortable T-shirt style shirt other than when he wants a “tie shirt” (a shirt with a tie). Oh the joys of raising a little man with opinions.

I love this look because it’s casual enough for preschool but cute enough to go on an adventure after school.

Style: Back to school casual

Seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring

Colors: Navy, Orange, Blue, Green

Shops: Gap, Zappos, JcPenney, Bit’z Kids

Wear it: The first day of preschool or on a roadtrip.